I No Longer Wear Torn Pants, I Now Wear Quality & Expensive Pants – CEO of Golden Empire, Joana Gyan reveals

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Golden Empire Legacy Limited (GELL), Joana Gyan has revealed she can now afford to buy quality pants and other underwear garment unlike years gone past.

According to the business tycoon who spoke on KSM’s ‘Bome Nkommo’ entertainment show, being a maid servant for more than two households has not been easy for her at all giving glory to her successes to the almighty Creator.

“I went to Dubai, while I was shopping, I realized that the pants I was buying were even of more quality than that of my former boss’ after some years as a maid when I prayed that God should help me get some pants as a maid”, she revealed

“I remember then, I prayed that God should help me so I also own cars and nice house. God being so good on my side today, I have them”, Madam Joana Gyan revealed. 

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