I Love S*x But Hate Marriage Because It’s Stressful-Actress

Whereas it is the dream of many ladies to get married and settle down with the love of their lives, others have written off marriage from the radar, mostly the new crop of slay actresses.

They see it as stress following previous failed relationships that have been through and the associated frustrations that came along with such marriages or relationships.

One of such persons who prefers sex over marriage is Nigerian female rapper and actress, Amadi Chinyere Moses, simply known as Chilly B.

She describes marriage as stress but gives thumbs up to love making she described as less stressful.

 “The idea of the relationship is to keep you from asking him for money or anything, making you believe there’s something for both of you in the future. It is a big lie because when he’s done with you he will run away. I have been super lucky not to have been a victim and when I hear girls falling for this trick I just laugh. As for marriage, it is too stressful for me and s*x is a normal thing,” she hinted.

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