I like Okyeame Kwame but I think he goofed this time – Eshun

Ghanaian highlife singer Eshun has described fellow musician Okyeame Kwame’s call for Ghana to use any of its local languages as a second official language as perhaps one borne out of ’emotions’ and nothing else.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with NY DJ on RYSENSHYNE, the Akyia hit maker stated the government’s intent to adopt French as a second national language is worth commending since the prospects far outweigh the few enumerated by people who have rubbished the idea.

“When I heard it, I was excited. I was like this is something good we must be smiling about. I know that because when I went to Senegal, they were speaking French, Cote D’Ivoire speaks French, Burkina Faso speaks French. So many countries around us speak French. I think it’s a great way to go. it will boost our business with neigbouring countries.” she said.

She believes Okyeame Kwame’s call for the use of one of the local languages is out of emotions and that he is not thinking of the future.

Okyeame Kwame in a recent tweet described government’s intent to make French a second official language as “disrespectful to our pride and culture“.

“I love Okyeame Kwame but I think I will disagree with this one. Maybe he’s not thinking about the future. If we really want to look at a great way to promote Ghana, we should consider French… If he said this like 20 years ago, I would understand but for this age and where we are headed, I think this one, he goofed. Maybe he’s being too emotional about it. because he’s pushing the Made in Ghana agenda which we all are…” Eshun said.


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