Becca’s Mother Is A Witch, Tobi Gave Her $10,000 – Counsellor George Lutterodt

Renowned controversial Ghanaian counsellor, Geroge Lutterodt has added his voice to the ongoing feud between Becca and her mother.

The famous counsellor George Lutterodt said he cannot fathom why a woman who left her baby when she was just 18 months old in the care of her father and taken care of by the stepmother will resurface years later to rant.

The outspoken counsellor in a conversation on TV Africa revealed it’s only a witch and a liar who’ll go to the extent Becca’s mother went.

“Becca is bigger than the mother so I don’t know why Becca’s mother under depressional mentality will come and speak about this about the daughter. All the things she said were lies,” he stated.

When quizzed how old Becca was when he went back to the mother  Counsellor Lutterodt said “She didn’t go back. Remember that Becca didn’t go to London because of her mother like they are saying. There are too many lies in the conversation.” He added.

He went on to say he has receipts of transactions that have gone on between Tobi and Becca’s Mum. He revealed Tobi sent $10,000 to his mother in-law.


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