I Haven’t Had Sex For Five Good Years – Papa Shee reveals

Now evangelist, Papa Shee in an interview has revealed that ever since he broke up with his wife, he has stayed away from sex to focusing on the work of God, and its five years already.

Evangelist Papa Shee who was Deloris Frimpong Manso’s guest on the Delay Show made this shocking revelation about his sex life.

This comes after his decision to move away from the composition and singing of secular music, did not go down well with his then-partner causing their marriage to break.

In spite of his wife’s decision to part ways with him, he is unfazed by the situation, saying “not all people can embark on the Jesus journey with you.”

He noted that accepting Christ also means “denying your mother, father, brother, and sister” hence when your wife leaves you, it’s part of the prize to pay for the calling. “You don’t compromise on God’s calling,” he said.

The hiplife artiste became a born-again after experiencing a death-scare when an aircraft he was traveling in almost crashed in the UK.

Watch the full interview below.

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