I Feel Like Crying – Actress Kafui Danku Laments Over Cheap Labor In Ghana; Says She Pays Her Workers GHC300 Daily

Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku has expressed her deepest sorrow and pity for workers who are underpaid by their employers.

Sharing a screenshot of one of her followers on Facebook, the young man disclosed to the actress that he is paid GHC20 per day.

In a write up sighted on her Facebook page, Kafui Danku told a story of the young man, the kind of work he does and how much he receives daily from his employer.

In her post, she wrote, “I feel like crying …. honestly few people said I cry about unnecessary things but this guy’s positive attitude touched me. Every now and then I support some young people following me financially…. Some of them have become friends. Most of them are doing their best but it looks like they’re getting nowhere …”

“How can big companies be paying these hard workers 20 GHc daily. I don’t want to know the cost of the production whatever but compensate them well. The least I paid on my recent production is 300 GHc daily. A struggling industry, a small business yet thinking of people. Why would a tomato paste company be nicking and diming workers?

“The guy sent me a video and I can imagine the stress already. I’m sad and heartbroken. People are really suffering, I can’t survive that day. I’ll cry and pack up to my mother’s house, so I truly admire these determined guys making an honest living. Make it worth their while. How much is the cost of trotro from Afienya to Accra?

“Be humane, compensate them well. He sent me a touching message this morning “ The strong shall survive” which almost sent me to tears. Lord, grant their special requests, desires, and prayers this year in Jesus’ name.”

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