Check out Kafui Danku’s Fire Reply To Child Rights International For Threatening To Sue Her And Other Celebrities

Movie producer and actress- Kafui Danku has hit hard at the director of Child Rights International for threatening to sue her and the other celebrities who lobby for ambassadorial deals for their kids and use them for other forms of businesses on the internet.

According to the angry mother, it is very absurd and quite unfortunate for the director of Child Rights International to threaten parents who take good care of their wards with legal action just because they stare in ad promos.

She also described the Child Rights International as an organization with misplaced priorities because it is only in Ghana that they can go about with their this form shallow prosecution.

She wrote;

It’s interesting how we place priorities in this part of the world. Most of the kids being used for ads and influencer deals here are doing *okay… They* don’t lack basic rights, they’re well taken care of thus appeals to businesses so they’re capitalizing to gain; which is okay. There are kids that are hungry, being raped, being defiled that needs serious attention, yet again authorities are about to exert energy on what is not necessary. We’ve seen countless times here where kids *have* been defiled and the perpetrators walk. We’ve seen defiled kids whose parents struggle to raise money to file a police case. We have seen needy kids on *the* street with one ailment or the other yet the necessary authorities will not go to work. Now they want to go to work just because public figures are “using” their kids for ads? It seems some authorities are quick to act on things that aren’t beneficial to the majority of Ghanaians. Really?Save this energy for kids who lack BASIC RIGHTS! Do you know the positive effect this has brought? Parents *whose kids are signed up* for ads don’t only post fashion but positive and entertaining parenting tips. I have a page I created for my kid that *mothers* still go to for nutrition tips for their little ones and another page *where I encourage outdoor & indoor activities.* It’s making positive impact.Let the focus be on saving kids who really need this attention and also to creating a better life for our children in general. “Honorables”, set your priorities right! There’s a lot more to do. Keep the energy for the right issues, fight for kids who lack BASIC RIGHTS. Hunting down public figures *”using”* their kids for ads etc is unnecessary if you ask me.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…


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