‘I Am Bigger Than Fancy Gadam’ — Maccasio brags

Tamale-based uprising Hip-hop/Afrobeat artiste, born Sherif Abdul Majeed, better known by his stage name Maccasio is trampling on his ‘brother’, Fancy Gadam like nobody’s business.

Maccasio and Fancy Gadam are trying to captain the same ship. These two artistes hail from Tamale and from how we have been seeing things, there’s no unity between them and it’s because of superiority.

Maccasio in a recent interview spat on Fancy Gadam’s face and tagged him as a small boy, adding that Fancy Gadam is jealous of him.

According to Maccasio, Fancy Gadam is no match to his level in music that’s why he (Maccasio) always performs after Fancy Gadam whenever the two of them are to perform in any show.

“If I perform, the show will close. He knows that and that’s why they allow him to perform first. Organizers would normally want me to be the last artiste to perform so when he climbs the stage, he will perform till the people are tired so the show will close,”

He continued that: “But even if he performs till 8 am the next day, the people will still be there waiting for Maccasio. Sometimes, when he delays, the fans will argue and it will turn to something else. He has done that many times.”

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