I was disappointed Sarkodie supported Strongman to diss me – TeePhlow

VGMAs nominated rapper, TeePhlow, has expressed his disappointment in how Sarkodie threw his weight behind Strongman to amplify a diss song targeted at him. 

According to TeePhlow, with the weight Sarkodie carries as an ace Ghanaian rapper, he was not expecting Obidi to take sides when the two young rappers were lyrically beefing each other. 

However, TeePhlow, the “Highest” rapper lauded Strongman for his delivery on the beef song that was directly targeted at him. Citing Pusha T and Drake’s beef, TeePhlow, Kanye didn’t tweet to support any of them and he expected Sarkodie to do same.

He said “so me wey I dey der, wey I dey look up to Sark waa, as Strongman drop the Charcoal song, that was a straight diss to me, I ignored it. It was never a problem for me until I started seeing Sark’s tweet about it”. 

“So I am like ok fine, he is with Sarkcess Music which means he must support anything he does but Kanye West was not supporting Pusha T beefing Drake, Rick Ross wasn’t doing the same when Meek Mill had an issue with Nicki Minaj or Drake. You either stay back or come forward to try and settle it” he added. 

According to TeePhlow, gathering these thoughts influenced him to drop his “Preach” song which was a jab to Strongman and his allies.

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