Hot [email protected] pictures of Akupem Poloo drops

Akauepm Poloo who has being silent on the internet for the past 3 months and counting seems to be thirsty of attention and dying from clout chasing.

Before she dropped these erotic photos, the video vixen had already shared a short video of herself in which she vowed never to get her name in the news for he bad reason.

Since attention is a drug and people who have been addicted to it can’t let go of the fake validation and water yam self-importance it brings to them, Akuapem Poloo has once again landed on the trends table with her latest Bikini Photos.

The mother of one who has a beautiful-clear skin and saucy curves was shot rocking an elegant designer bikini.

Her skinned glowed like the morning sun in the photo forcing her fans to be held spellbound after stumbling on it whiles scrolling though their news feeds on the gram.

Take a look at the post below to know more…


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