Griezmann: I tried to copy Messi and LeBron

The new Barcelona player did wonders yesterday as he was the main talking after Barcelona had thrashed Real Betis by 5 goals to 2.

An early goal from Nabil Fakir of Betis was the scare of the match but Griezmann stepped and saved the situation with two goals beautiful goals to his credit.

He was asked regarding that spectacular goal he scored and about his celebration and this was what he had to say;

“I saw Leo do this in training, so I tried to copy him,” said Griezmann. “And for the celebration, I like the ritual that LeBron did so we tried to do it as well.”

“After a defeat, there is always a big reaction,” Griezmann said. “We really wanted to play another game and when so many players are missing, the team steps up.”

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