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Going to church is time-wasting and senseless – Kumawood actress, Christiana Awuni publicly states

Veteran Ghanaian actress and Kumawood star, Christiana Awuni has emphatically stated that going to church is a waste of time and wildly foolish because God is omnipresent and doesn’t reside inside church buildings, Gossips24.com reports.

According to Christiana Awuni who has claimed to be a staunch Christian and a believer in the father, son and Holy Spirit. She doesn’t go to church but she practices Christianity in her house.

As stated by the curvy actress;

To me, there is no need going to church because I know that if I go on my knees and pray, God will listen and he listens. In my view, the pastor is a human being like me. The same way God uses him, he can also use me so why should I waste my time in church

Christiana Awuni made these profound submissions during an on-air exclusive interview with Accra FM’s Nana Romeo.

In the dying minutes of the interview, Christiana Awuni confidently asserted that; Just like God uses pastors and prophets as his vessels same way God can use her as his vessel.

Source: Gossips24.com

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