Ghanaian Youth Eat Based On 0-1-0 Formation – Sam George (Video)

The Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George, speaking on Metro TV, has revealed a lot of Ghanaian youth are going through it since the system is hard and they cannot afford three square meals a day, so they have to find a way to eat once a day.

According to the NDC MP, because the youth cannot afford three square meals, they either follow the 1-0-0, 0-1-0, or 0-0-1 format and if they do not follow the once-a-day format, they may not eat the following day.

Expalining the formation, Sam George stated that most youths follow the 0-1-0 formation, where they will starve in the morning and eat some beans in the afternoon, which will sustain him or her to the next day without having to think about what to eat in the evening.

In his own words, he said: “Many young men in Ghana today are playing formation, better formation than Otto Addo. They are playing 0-1-0, breakfast zero, and afternoon one. Because they can no longer afford a ball of kenkey, they go in for Gob3 (beans). They will hold their stomach from morning to 12:30 or 1:30, then go in for the beans, but when they go, they will ask the madam to give them little beans and more gari. They cannot even afford plantain. Then they buy water after using the beans as a foundation, and they will go to bed without eating in the evening.

Watch the video below;


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