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Getting COVID a ‘blessing from God’ – Donald Trump (Video)

US President Donald Trump says he feels great after his Covid-19 illness, describing it as “a blessing from God”.

President Trump on Wednesday released a direct-to-camera video address to the nation in which he called getting the coronavirus “a blessing from God,” calling the unapproved drug a “cure” and saying he would provide hundreds of thousands of doses of unapproved drugs to Americans free of charge.

“This was a blessing in disguise – I caught it, I heard about this drug, I said let me take it and it was incredible,” he said, adding that he would seek emergency use authorisations for the drugs.

In a video that was supposed to have been released a day earlier, Mr. Trump explained that he considered getting ill with a virus that has killed more than one million people, including more than 211,000 Americans, to be such a “blessing” because he ended up taking an experimental antibody cocktail, still in clinical trials, that is produced by Regeneron.

“To me it wasn’t therapeutic — it just made me better, OK? I call that a cure,” said Mr. Trump, whose skin appeared darkened by makeup and who appeared to struggle to get air at times.

He then said everyone should have access to the not-yet-approved drug for “free” and that he would make sure it was in every hospital as soon as possible. He claimed to have personally chosen the drug as part of his treatment.

“I feel great — I feel, like, perfect,” Mr. Trump declared.

Source: Gossips24.com

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