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‘Funny Face turned me into a punching bag, he pulled a gun on me’ – Baby Mama reveals (video)

Finally, Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa Nana Ama has found her voice and given a blow-to-blow account of how Funny Face once pulled a gun on her.

It appears Funny Face is not only a traumatized man, but also a big liar with huge social media following.

Per his baby mama’s account, the famous Chorkor Trotro star has been abusing her physically to the extent of pulling a gun on her.

We all know that Funny Face has painted an abusive picture of his baby mama to the media ever since their feud started. At a point in time, the comedian accused his baby mama of pointing a gun at him as she threatened to take his life.

Fast-forward, the actor turned musician shared a series of videos on his instagram which sees him engaged in a serious fight with his baby mama insinuating his baby mama has been beating him anytime there’s an argument.

On November 17, 2020, Funny Face shared another post on social media saying, “Aoh Vanessa if you kill me today .. you will leave to regret dis in future … people have talk to me not to drop more videos .. I have 23 wicked videos of u Vanessa maltreating me in dis house .. slapping me here and der .. in all with tears I shake my head and say let me do my best for #ELLAandBELLA to grow with us ..”, just to gain some public sympathy.

But Vanessa’s side of the story – which makes much sense – tells us otherwise.

According to the poor mother of two who is expecting another baby with Funny Face, there was a time Funny Face beat the hell out of her because she complained about his attitude pointing out the actor’s crew and cast for Kasoa Trotro as her witness.

She quizzed why Funny Face is not showing the full video on social media but sharing the short videos which implicates her.

Giving another account on another violent incident, Vanessa revealed Funny Face once beat her till she collapsed.

Asked whether she ever pulled a gun on him, Vanessa replied, “Why will I pull a gun on him? He pulled a gun on me and I have recordings to prove it. He pulled a gun me and gave three warning shots the day the fight happened.”

He pulled a gun, went outside, and gave three warning shots saying when I come close to him he will shoot and kill me…

How can I even hold a pump-action gun? I don’t even know how to go about it,” she concluded.

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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