Tell a woman shes ugly and hell will break loose. Tell a man he’s weak in bed and see him cry like a baby. If you want to sell to a woman, tell her your product will make her look beautiful and if you want to sell to a man, notably an African man, tell him your product will make him a Schwarzenegger in bed.

Veteran Ghanaian comic-actor who doubles as a musician, Funny Face has shed more light into the unpleasant and prolonged experience he endured after his former wife publicly disgraced him by alleging that he’s weak in bed, reports.

This unanticipated bombshell threw itself into the mass media after the love affair between the two grew sour which consequently influenced the two former love-birds to engage in a back and forth hot social media banter.

Taken us back the lane to the period this disturbing same time worrisome wild allegations from the wife surfaced online, Funny Face has publicly disclosed that nearly committed because that false narrative from the wife made him depressed.

According to Funny Face, the 2 minutes assertion by the former wife is a big lie and a crusade she deliberately mounted to disgrace him.

Funny Face made these submissions in an on-air exclusive interview with Mona Gucci on Kantanka TV.

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