Fella Makafui Hospitalised Over Broken Heart? (PHOTO)

Actress and model Fella Makafui has been sighted in a controversial photo which reveals she has been hospitalised and she doesn’t look good at all.

There have been rumours on Fella Makafui and Medikal breaking up after enjoying loving moments.

Well it appears all is not well between the lovebirds but they’ve been trying so hard to cover up online.

Fella has since the rumor been sharing crypric messages online to preach that all is well.

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However, Gossips24.com has sighted a new photo on the YOLO Famed actress’s insta story which reveals she was hospitalised.

From the look of the photo, it seems Fella Makafui has finally suffered the broken heart predicted by the likes of Counsellor Lutherodt and some Ghanaians.

One strange thing about the photo is that her right hand was cuffed to the hospital bed.

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Has Fella Makafui developed a mental problem? Because it’s only patients with mental problems who are mostly cuffed to hospital beds to prevent them from running away or escaping.

Or perhaps it is just shot from a movie she stared in? Well, Gossips24.com will keep you posted as the events unfold.



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