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Fella Makafui clears everything from her instagram page

Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Fella Makafui seems to be having fun with all the attention and hype she is getting from the media and followers.

Days ago, Fella swept her instagram page by archiving rather than deleting Medikal’s photos from her page.

This got people wondering whether it is entirely over between herself and Medikal.

Well, just yesterday, in an instagram live chat, Fella revealed she is going to focus more on herself and her business than to love a man.

Now this morning, the scuffle continues as Fella Makafui heightens the drama by purging, in other words, deleting everything from her instagram page.


Fella Makafui instagram

Wait! This is not the first time she is doing that, and we know as an actress and lover of drama, this won’t be the last – she will fool again!

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