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Felicia Addy: Legon boys storm Akuafo Hall and room 301 after a female student advertised herself on social media (video)

A female student from the University of Ghana, Legon – Felicia Addy – has taken over the trends on social media, especially Twitter after she advertised herself in a short video.

Felicia Addy, in a short video she shared on her WhatsApp status asked people to visit her room, with number 301 at the Akuafo Hall and ask of her.

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Hours after the video surfaced on social media, boys from the University lined up at her doorstep to do as she requested.

One wouldn’t expect Felicia Addy who called the shots herself to hide in her room after bluffing for attention, however, she was left with tears amid fear after over 20 boys rushed to her hostel in search of her.

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  1. The first video Felicia shared on social media asking people to find her at room 301

2. The moment boys queued in front of Felicia’s door at Akuafo Hall.

3. Check out her reaction after the boys finally saw her

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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