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Two sakawa boys fight hawkers for killing their money-making snake – Video

Poverty is like being punished for a crime you never committed. In this era where everyone wants to choke us with their extravagant lifestyle(s) on the various social media platforms.

Being a peasant is certainly very hard and only a few young people are able to deal and endure the agony of being poverty-stricken in these modern times.

According to a report carried by Adom Fm, these two Sakawa boys fought like Achilles in the famous Trojan war after their money-making python was killed by a hawker who sells at the Kasoa tollbooth.

Sources have it that, these Sakawa boys alighted from a brand-new White Benz car at the toll booth and to the shock of onlookers, a very huge Python crawled out of the car.

Frightened at the sight of the dangerous reptile, some courageous men hawkers who were present at the scene killed the Python not knowing that they have ruined the lives of these two scammers.

These two sakawa guys went berserk and started fighting the killers of their snake.

Kindly watch the video below to know more…

Source; Gossips24.com

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