Fantana Explains Why She Was Arrested And Put In Prison

Fantana has for the past weeks been in the news for some reasons and she’s in the news again.

She has come out to say people shouldn’t call her an ex-convict.

Fantana when explaining her arrest saga said that she had a fight with her roommate and threw her bracelet out of the window out of anger.

She also indicated that, she wasn’t even present at the court room and that, it was her lawyer who represented her.

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She therefore urged people to stop tagging her as an ex-convict because she was just in jail for less than 8 hours and that does’t make her an ex-convict

When someone is convicted they serve time. I didn’t even step in the courtroom to be convicted. I had a lawyer but I didn’t step in the courtroom because I haven’t been in trouble before and it was just a girls-girls thing.

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I got into a fight with my roommate and I threw her bracelet out of the window. So I was just in there for less than 8 hours and I came out. I have never been in trouble in my life, I don’t even have a record. I am not an ex-convict”, Fantana disclosed.

Few months ago there were reports that Fantana was imprisoned for theft.


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