Fan Milk Ghana Says There Is No Gin & Ginger Flavour

Fan Milk Ghana has denied the production of a ‘Gin & Ginger’ flavour of its popular FanYogo sachet ice cream. The source of the viral Gin & Ginger artistic impression is unknown but it flooded social media platforms last week.

The image came to the fore just as Fan Milk Ghana started a poll to decide the release of a new flavour.

While some social media users praised Fan Milk for the innovation others were quick to shut it down because of fears that children could easily purchase it.

However, Fan Milk in a statement Saturday categorically denied any planned production or distribution of any such product.


We’ve noticed an image circulating on social media purported to be a new FanYogo “Gin & Ginger” flavour. We categorically deny any planned production or distribution of any such product,” the statement said.

We are still counting your votes and looking for a new delicious FanYogo flavour that EVERYONE can enjoy. Any confirmed flavours will be communicated exclusively on our official channels.

Stay cool, ignore the fake news and keep voting for your dream flavours. Stay tuned for the big reveal as the search continues.

Fan Milk Ghana
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