Every Pastor I Visited His Church Wanted To Eat Me – Nudist Shugatiti Reveals Why She Stopped Going To Church

The popular socialite who is being seen by many as a nudist because of the kind of things she posts on social media stated in an interview that she stopped going to Church because almost everybody in the churches she used to attend wanted to sleep with her.

She added that both pastors and their instrumentalists all wanted to bonk her and that she realized the only way she can stop such stuff from happening to her was to put a stop to going to church.

“If you go there [church], the instrumentalists want to sleep with you, the pastor wants to sleep with you, everybody wants to sleep with you,” She said.

Shugatiti added that there is too much favouratism in the church because the big men who contribute a lot are given a different treatment from the poor who are already struggling to make ends meet.

To her, such acts of discrimination must not be allowed in the church because they only end up pushing people like her away.

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