Eugene Arhin’s wife reveals how he forced her to destroy her womb but went ahead to impregnate another lady

The Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin is currently war with his wife whom he has three children with. The former lovers are seriously fighting which has consequently made more dirty secrets about the NPP bigwig to land on the internet space.

Gloria Arhin has dropped another atomic bomb on the politician. According to the bitter and pained former wife of Eugene Arhin, Eugene Arhin convinced her to undergo a procedure called Tubal legation in order not to give birth again because he was ok with their three children.

To her utmost surprise, Eugene Arhin secretly moved on to impregnate and have a fourth child with one of his sidechicks whom he has begun a second family with her.

Pressing on, Gloria Arhin who has developed intense hate and dislike for Eugene Arhin additionally disclosed that when she complained, Eugene Arhin shouted at her and treated her with disdain adding that he left their residence to another residence where he said he finds peace.

In other news, Gloria Arhin who has filed for a divorce from Eugene Arhin is demanding for 32 houses, 5 cars, 2 million cedis and many more.


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