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Emanuella Reveals why She Built A House For Her Mum

It can be recalled that some few days ago Comedian and 10-year-old Emanuella was trending all over social media after she posted pictures of the mansion she built for her mum.

Many loved ones were happy about her gesture and sent her congratulatory messages but some people had issues with it and asked her how come she didn’t build the house for her father but rather her mother.

In a Facebook life session, Emanuella came to clear the air and explained that the house belongs to both Parents since they stay together so a house for her mother is also a house for her father.

This is what she had to say during the live session:

“I wanted to buy another car for my dad but Uncle Mark now told me to save more money and build the house that I promised my mom. So, I talked with my manager and they built the house and furnished it. See the house now, is it not fine?

“If it is for my mom, it is for everybody; it’s for my dad too. My dad is married to my mom. After all, they are living together.”

“Everything is God’s grace. I never ‘experrit’. When God wants to use you, He will use you at the right time,”

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