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Efia Odo reportedly joins the p@rn industry as latest photos of her suggests

Attention is a drug and a two-edged sword. Clout chasing has become the norm and gradually making our celebs who serve as mentors to the youths show the other side of their dmaaged brains on the internet.

“Popular people are rarely wise” , Efia Odo perfectly fits this quote. Old-age spares no one whiles the internet also never forgets but our female stars who are attention who*es will do anything just to court attention whether negative or positive but in most cases, the negatives far outweigh the positives.

Why would any sane person put her nipples on full display to the world if not for the purpose of marketing herself as a big-time prostitute or a p@rn star who needs roles to play in adult movies ?

We know Efia Odo to be a professor-nudist but this time around she went too far to show off her body.

Her new Twitter avi has become the talk of town and taken over social media trends with her new assumed ashawo marketing strategy.

The video vixen who appears to be out of touch with basic decency and let’s say common sense decided to allow the whole world have a look at her breast and nipples.

21st century ladies most of the time show parts of their breasts online but to see their nipples is almost unattainable unless you get to the bedroom with her.

Efia Odo has defied the odds to set a new trend which most of her gullible female followers will blindly and foolishly follow soon.

You can visit her Twitter page for the un-edited look.

Source : Gossips24.com

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