Dr. UN Awards Are Better Than VGMA – Blakk Rasta

Whatever the VGMAs board has said or did to reggae singer and radio host, Black Rasta, must have really hurt him because comparing the nation’s greatest musical award to an uncredited award scheme organised by a man believed to be psychologically unstable is quite troubling.

According to Blakk Rasta, the awards organized by Dr. Kwame Fordjour, better known as “Dr. UN,” are far superior to those organized by Vodafone. Blakk Rasta made his submission through GhanaWeb’s Paula Amma Broni.

He said:

They are not even ashamed of it. They will ask you, “Did you vote?” You didn’t win, and you are crying. So did you buy the awards? Dr. UN didn’t do that; he simply identified people in society, convinced his panelists that these people deserved the award, and presented it to them; this is how an award system should work.I will prefer Dr UN’s award to VGMA any day. “

“What we have to do is support him so he does it properly another time. Because he made one mistake, we said we would cut him off. He had good intentions about the thing. According to what he said, he did it to honour Kofi Annan. As to whether he said the awards were UN awards, I do not know about that. I think that people should sit down with him and encourage him to do the right thing. He doesn’t have to put UN in there anymore. I think he has learnt his lessons and made a name for himself.

Source: Gossips24.com

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