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Diamond Appiah exposes a popular Ghanaian billionaire who refuses to pay the ladies he sleeps with

Controversial Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur widely known in the showbiz scenes as Diamond Appiah has launched a slander crusade on an unnamed billionaire who sleeps with ladies and refuses to pay them for their services.

Sighting from her most-recent rant on her Ig page, the disappointed politician also issued out a stern warning to this moneyed-famous man to stay in his lane or perish in her wrath soon.

Going forward, she also accused this rich man of paying some  European scammers to award him with a doctorate degree in to gain public respect and admiration.

She wrote, “So until we all buy private jet and use for over 5 years, Get to the top 20 billionaires list in Ghana etc we are all on the same level. You don’t pay my workers n I don’t pay yours, we all own properties in East legon therefore east legon doesn’t belong to you. The cheap titles u payed those Turkish oo s3 east European scammers to come n confer on ur illiterate asses to upgrade ur kantamanto status doesn’t mean shit to a well educated lady like me.

With as little as 10 000 dollars any imbecile can pay for those titles. have u forgotten so soon how u use to hustle at kantamanto n sleep in people’s studios. Useless cheap men with no shame. The day I will erupt like a Tonardo n expose how u robbed me of my sweat to Ghanaians , nobody can quench my fire. Go n pay those small small girls u sleep with at east legon n give 500 gh ???? Fools

We promise to bring you the latest development to brewing hot saga.

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