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Maame Yeboah calls on Funny Face’s fans to pray for him because the devil is working through him (Screenshots)

Maame Yeboah has called on all the fans of Ghanaian comic actor, popularly  known as Funny Face to aggressively pray for the estranged lover because the devil is fully working through him

In a video Funny Face shared on his social media pages yesterday, he bastardized the reputation of the seasoned presenter by purporting that she is the one who has been secretly influencing his wife to fight him.


As if that was not enough, Funny Face also insulted Maame Yeboah’s husband to the brim and further vowed to ruthlessly deal with her in the coming days.


Replying to Funny Face’s insults and accusations, Maama Yeboah has urged her fans to ignore the cow and chicken producer because she strongly believes that the devil is working through him full time.


Mama Yeboah also described the whole saga as an occupational hazard.




Source: Gossips24 .com

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