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Crazy Girlfriend Organizes Area Boys To Beat Boyfriend For Slapping Her

Yet to be identified young lady has shown her boyfriend the benefits of being an area girl by organizing her squad to beat up her boyfriend for slapping her.

The beat up boyfriend identified as Ramske Wire, in a facebook post shared photos of his swollen eye after the area boys beat the hell out of him.

From the photos you could see that he was really given the beatings of his life as he could barely open his eyes.

Posting the photos of his swollen face, Ramske wrote;

Breaking News I will Be Offline For A Week

I slap her Based On What She Did an I realize my mistakes saying am sorry slapping her so she report to the Area Boyz To Beat Me Up..
Eh never finish Oo she still even lied I rape her, me fine boy way my Girls Full everywhere But We Give Thanks To God All Is Fine 

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