Check Out The Savage Replies Sister Derby Gave Fans Who Commented On Her Post

Arguably, Deborah Vanessa also known as Sister Derby is one of the most ‘savage’ celebrities we have in this country

The queen of savages as people call her, threw another bomb at her followers for commenting ‘trash’ on her twitter post.

Medikal’s former girlfriend Sister Derby posted a half nak*d picture of herself on twitter and captioned:

“Looking for fucks to give in this Ghana

One fan who obviously didn’t like the picture commented

Dem naked pr3ko er….aden na moogu maa 3nim ase saa…tswww🤷🏽‍♂️”

Which is translated in English as “then just go naked, why are you disgracing women like that”

And this is what he got as reply;

“You dey hot country inside they kill yourself in suit. Make I wear that your cheap dirty suit to the swimming pool? Bush boy.”

Another also commented:
“So you’re the “SISTER DEBORAH” @ReekadoBanks was talking of in his song

Sister Deborah,you too like to bang to bang e oooooo eh”

Angry Derby replied this comment too with some savory words people believe are below the belt.

Never met him before. You sound very useless you know?”

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