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‘Charterhouse Is Broke!’ – George Quaye on poor VGMA 2019 promo

VGMA 2019 is the 20th edition and with anticipation already high, one would have expected a huge publicity blitz which would fuel excitement among fans and nominees but that does not seem to be the case.

Unlike how their previous held events were hyped and promoted, this year’s VGMA has not seen such publicities with barely three weeks to the main awards on May 18.

On why this year’s case has been so, the Communication Officer at Charterhouse, George Quaye during an interview stated that since this year’s maiden event is not being promoted especially seeing it on billboards, being advertised on radios/Television stations and being published on different blogs, should tell you all is not well for the organizers.

He revealed that the government promised to assist them but as to whether or not the promises will be fulfilled, no one knows because they have not heard anything from them again.

“Truth is, government did mention they would support but as of now, nothing concrete has come through just yet.

“You don’t see giant billboards and hear loud advertising and publicity as you did with AFRIMA because we cannot afford it just yet but like I said, we are hopeful and still waiting patiently,” he said.

George Quaye also said media support had been low this year. “It’s been very difficult also to get media support, as most media houses expect some form of payment for any kind of support. Of course the assumption is that the VGMA can afford it.

“Nevertheless we can assure the public that the event will still be phenomenal and sold out because the fans truly love VGMA and appreciates it for what it truly is: Ghana’s Grammys.”


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