Celestine Donkor Reveals What She Saw About The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

Award-winning Ghanaian Gospel singer, Celestine Donkor has shared a revelation she had about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

In a self-recorded video, the Gospel singer urged people to never take their dreams for granted.

According to her, when you wake up from your sleep and you can remember your dream vividly then it means you must take it seriously.

Celestine Donkor then went ahead to share what she had about the coming of the Lord, in other words, the “Judgement Day.”

Christians believe from the Bible that one day all men in the world shall assemble before God and give an account of what they did while they were on earth.

According to them, God shall destroy the earth with fire just like he did in the days of Noah when he destroyed the earth with water.

Listen to the full story of the dream from Celestine Donkor;

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