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Sarkodie Murdered Cabum On His Own Song Zakari; Cabum Rapped Nonsense – Entertainment Analyst reveals

Controversial entertainment pundit and MC, David Germain Portfolio, well known for firing shots on Kessben TV’s MusicPlus show, has attacked Kumasi-based rapper, Cabum.

According to David Germain who took to social media to blast Cabum, the rapper made a wrong move by featuring Sarkodie on his song “Zakari”.

In a lengthy message shared on Facebook, he explained that Sarkodie murdered Cabum on his own song, which proves how weak the Kumasi-based rapper is in terms of lyrics.


He also added that the Kumasi rapper shouldn’t have collaborated with Stonebwoy and Sarkodie on the same project. Read his reasons below.

He wrote;

#PORTFOLIO writes…..

I am not by way of this dragging a masterpiece of a Party song in the mud, no, infact the visuals and the title of the song is a self-pusher of a titling that could hit the streets and become an anthem if promotions are intensified but the bitter truth here in my school of thought is plainly that CABUM deleted himself out of the hype and sold them out to the two B.E.T acts most especially the other rapper .
Check the trends after the release of #ZAKARI, the populous and numerical advantage of the two featured acts used their extract of the song to their advantage.
Social media comments on the song only have viral statements like these dominating everywhere
“Stonebouy’s chorus on #ZAKARI🔥🔥🔥🔥”
#SARK‘s verse on #ZAKARI🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#BhimGod swag🙌🙌,SARK’s outfit👌👌
I am yet to see any thumps ups emoji of music enthusiasts that showers praises on #CABUM’s verse, his domineering personality in his own visuals and any pick up line as the owner of the song.
All I hear is #CABUM de3,,, still “nkwasea keka noaaa, #CABUM de3 ” concert noaaa, #CABUM paa “stonebouy give u nice chorus, you just de spit spit non-fa chakachaka..
This points out to the fact that ” the profanity and immaturity was still registered in your lyrics which could have been refined in a way just as the other rapper who equally spat profane but used pick up lines to refine it unlike your explicit style which might turn off the ear of an aged listener.

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Secondly, you shouldn’t have fused the two on a single project at this gradually peaking stage of your career, it would have been advisable to plant them on different projects. By way of this, the debate would have been about two acts, fans would have no option that to talk about you and the other featured act..
#Stonebouy was perfect for #ZAKARI and the other rapper could have brought the best in you on a “HIPHOP” genre which you could have used to your advantage having two bangers in a music calendar year. 
In addition, you needed to take time to build your 
#Youtube channel strategically for promotional and monetization purposes. You never took your channel seriously til you outdoored #ZAKARI and it injected some level of brand -defect to the new fanbase who are yet to embrace you in their world. Not all Ghanaians know you are an old-Gee in this game to the extent that the two “B.E.T” acts took off their careers listening to your freestyles form way back, you needed to attack and explore all the strategies to your advantage to be the focal point of talk on your own song than been lost in action.
Wrapping up, knowing the league you shooting with, the director should have given you special aesthetic element and emphasis . perhaps by way of your appearance, top-notch and a more classic settings and should have intermittently made you the focal dominant figure in your biggest project and the timing of your release should have been drawn with the schedules of the featured acts. If not for “TUFF SEED” AND “BLEEDING” videos, #ZAKARI would have been the new flame of a project that had these to giant acts, a solid management could have planned into knowing when and how you can trend without having to compete with other releases from the two giants camps.
In effect what was supposed to be a record for putting together for the first time in the industry the two “B.E.T” icons on a single project might end up glorifying their agenda better than registering the brand #CABUM on the lips of “AFRICA”.. all the same ” OSEIKROM” gives you the thumps up for a visionary project, I salute the idea but not it’s execution boss..

Yours Ever
Portfolio the#showbizDR


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