Gospel Musician, Brother Sammy Now Prepares Anointing Oil That Cures HIV Aids

Well-known Gospel Minister Brother Sammy is now an ‘Angel’ and a living testimony of God’s miraculous ways of using men in helping other anguished souls.

In the news is Brother Sammy, who via an interview monitored by Gossips24.com has found a cure for HIV, Asthma, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Diabetes and Cancer, using his God-given talent.

We all know him to be a mere Gospel musician, but from nowhere, Bro Sammy now blesses and creates oil, holy water and other that treats HIV which is a sexually transmitted diseases.

It doesn’t end there, in the interview, the gospel musician revealed that his “Spiritual Divine Healing Water” is prepared between the hours of 1am – 2am.

Elaborating on the components of the special healing water, Bro Sammy posited that he can prepare up to 50 pieces on a good night all in the space of an hour.

Asked how he came about this special oil and miracle water, he elaborated that God revealed Himself to him in one night and in the process, showed him how to prepare the special oil under discussion.

He added that, he saw Angel Gabriel, Michael excluding Angel Obinim all with the Supreme Being the day he had the encounter.


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