Bettie Jenifer was survived by her twin son and daughter

According ABC7 Chris Attoh’s brutally murdered wife, Bettie Jenifer was survived by her twin daughter and son.

Before Greenbelt’s first murder of the year and years ahead of the homicide investigation surrounding Jenifer, she was a married mother of two. The mother of twins was killed two days before Mother’s Day.

Photos on Facebook show a smiling Jenifer posing for photos with her son and daughter and husband Rick Jenifer. Her seemingly happy life took a turn when her husband was arrested in 2014 for drug charges. He pleaded guilty to distributing cocaine and was sentenced January 2016 to 20 years behind bars at Federal Correctional Institution Fort Dix in New Jersey.

About a year and nine months later, Bettie Jenifer made Headlines in West Africa for marrying famous Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh in October 2018 during a ceremony in the Ghana capital. The entertainment and news articles do not mention Bettie Jenifer’s other husband.

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