MUST READ – Africa Should Be Made Safe For Women, by Albe

This for women all over the world, who think they do not have a voice. I am here to tell you that there is hope, especially for African women.

I am emphasizing on African women because even though we are in the 21st century in Africa, it isn’t the same.

Here we are made to believe that our lives revolve around men and that what defines us is marriage not what we actually want and this has let a lot of African women to wallow in unimaginable pain.

I am not much of a writer but I felt that it was time to talk, the world needs to hear the voice of African woman because the ‘so-called’ celebrities who have the platform to actually make a change have turned themselves into ‘Instagram models’.

They prefer showing off what they have instead of making a change.

When you take 100 African women, 80 percent have been abused in some ways but they prefer to keep it to themselves because they are scared of what society might say, they are more scared of what people might say about them because when the people find out they may end being seen as ‘not the victim’.

The saddest part in my society is that when a woman is rape and it happens at the offender’s place or outside her home the sad question they ask is “ what did go and there? what did you expect? you got what you want, what were you looking for?, Don’t worry next time be careful’, men are like that, Don’t worry you will be okay it will pass “.

And this result in depression in most abused and rape victim because they feel less of themselves and this brings up suicidal thoughts.

Even with depression its funny for blacks to talk about it. It is okay “not to be okay”, it is okay to be depressed, the most important thing is how you deal with it.

African women need to learn to seek help when they have an emotional or mental health problem, it is okay to feel vulnerable sometimes, it is okay to seek help, after all, we all human.

These things need to be addressed, women need to understand that just because they are women does not mean it is okay for men to take advantage of them and that it is okay to speak out, it may be too late for you but it might help a woman out there.

We need to be heard, we deserve it to be heard.

There is high domestic violence in Africa but no one is ready to do anything because its normal for your husband to slaps and hits you, after all, he is the man so you have to endure.

Whenever I hear things like this it breaks my heart. So just because I am not “a HE” and I have an ‘S’ in front of my “HE” I don’t have a right to be heard, nor do I deserve to be to be respected.

I believe everyone needs the same level of respect to make our Africa a better and safer Africa for the women and daughters.

I urge the people with the higher platform than me to speak out for African women to help save a life, to give us a voice, to give us strength because one voice can make a change.

Let us make Africa safe for our mothers, aunties, sisters, and daughters.

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