Afia Schwarzenegger Allegedly Threαtens To Kill Nana Tornado Over James Trumu Trumu Tape

Afia Schwar sees herself as a beef lord but her recent banter with Nana Tornado has choked her to the ground.

A few weeks ago, Nana Tornado threatened to release Afia Schwar’s son’s bedroom video on the internet if she keeps attacking him in her videos.

The two former best friends turned enemies have been trading insults on the internet for close to three weeks now after Afia Schwar first picked on Nana Tornado and accused him as a vibrant member of the LGBTQ community.

Nana Tornado retaliated to Afia Schwar’s accusations by pinning one of the twin sons of the comedienne as gay.

According to Nana Tornado, Afia Schwar’s twin son James Heerdegen is gay and was once caught having sex with one of his mother’s male employees named Richie.

Afia Schwar has crucially dismissed Nana Tornado’s wild claims that her son is gay in a series of self-made videos while Tornado after washing her son clean.

It is at the back of these never-ending insults from Afia Schwar that has angered Nana Tornado to hint at dropping James’ bedroom video.

Nana Tornado bragged that he has James’ bedroom video and he will be forced to drop it on the internet if Afia Schwar doesn’t end her attacks on him.

In a fresh video sighted by, Nana Tornado has alleged that Afia Schwar has paid some people who have threatened to kill him.

According to him, since the day he threatened to release the full bedroom of video of Afia Schwar’s twin son, he has been receiving messages from all his social media handles with threats to kill if he goes ahead to drop the sex tape video.

He called on James to call his mother to order and assured him that he won’t release his sex tape because he is his nephew.

Watch the video below;

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