27 Boyfriends 1 Black Dross” – Sister Derby Displays Photos Of Her Black ‘Dross’

The ex girlfriend of AMG Medikal is in the news again and this time around she’s not throwing shades nor being Savage.

The ‘Kakalika’ hit maker was in the news fews days ago for allegedly dissing her ex lover Medikal in a twitter post she made, however, Sister Derby came out to say   she was not referring to Medikal and that she would never in her life insult Medikal.

Now the ‘Pure Water’ singer in an Instagram post has revealed the number of guys she has dated so far.

Derby posted on Instagram that she has dated 27 guys and she was able to do that with the help of her favorite black pants.

She posted a picture of herself wearing the black pant and wrote ” 27 boyfriends one black dross”.

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