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24-year-old Kidnapper Grabbed for Killing Victim

A 24-year-old Habibu Sale has been arrested by the Kano State Police for killing an 8-year-old girl he kidnapped after his demanded ransom amount of N500,000 was paid to him.

The suspect is reported to have abducted the girl, Asiya Tasiu, when she was sent on an errand in Chikawa Village on June 6, 2020. He later demanded a ransom of N10m which he reduced after negotiations with the family.

He however killed the girl after the ransom was paid.

DSP Haruna spoke on behalf of the police about the incident.

He said;

The culprit kidnapped the little girl, Asiya Tasiu and demanded for the ransom of N10 million which was negotiated down to N500,000. They paid him the ransom but despite that he refused to release her and at the end he killed her and buried her in a shallow grave he dug,”

“Since the matter was reported to us about 154 days ago, we have been trailing him. We trailed him to Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Abuja and even to the southern state of Abia State. But at the end we succeeded in arresting him. We arrested him Nov. 7. The CP has ordered that the body of the little girl be exhumed from the grave and handed over to the parents for burial rites,”

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The distraught father of the girl shared an emotional message demanding justice.

The only thing I can not explain is why they killed my daughter after paying the ransom to them. This is very wicked of them. I need justice and I believe police will ensure that justice is done for the sake of my daughter,” he said.

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The suspect has confessed to the crime. He revealed that he has spent the ransom on booze, gambling and whores in Kaduna.

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