Yvonne Nelson Announces When She Is Getting Married (screenshot)

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed when she is finally getting married since most of her followers have been pressuring her to do so.

Well, you may not know, Yvonne has dated quite a number of men, most of them being Nigerians, one that could be recalled was her affair with Inyanya.

But, Yvonne Nelson, mother of one, though beautiful has failed to settle down with a man and the reason behind that was yet to be known until today.

The actress, has a child with baby-daddy, Jamie Roberts, she made an interesting revelation on her desire to have some more kids.

In a latest update on when her desires will come to pass, Yvonne has revealed that will only happen when she finds the right man to settle down with.

A fan on IG asked when she would get married and she replied,

“When I meet the One❤”

Yvonne Nelson Announces When She Is Getting Married
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