Young Actress Araba Ataa Reveals She’s Dating Don Little (Video)

A very young and daring actress Araba Ataa 13 years of age has come out to reveal that she is in a relationship with actor Don little.

Araba Ataa who was speaking during an interview was asked if she was having an affair with Don little which she replied by saying there is nothing wrong in dating the actor since he is also a human being.

When asked why a young girl like her would be dating a full-grown man like don little she revealed that she has been praying to God so he can make the age of Don little remain as it is so she can grow and catch up with him.

Araba Atta gained popularity through skits and comic videos which she shot when she was very young and has since gained for herself a very good name in the movie industry due to her good acting skills.

Watch the video below;

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