‘You Have a Week to Settle Arrears’ – Atleast 300 Teacher Trainee To be Sacked Home Over Non Payment Of Fees.

The principal Of Agona College of Education,Dr. Ofori Attakora, has given a 7- day altimatum to Atleast some 300 student to pay their fees or will be Sacked home.

“We have given all of them up to a week to settle their debts failure for which they will all be sent home,” he said.

The principal noted that the situation has led the school into serious financial distress.

“This has led the school into serious financial crisis because this is the same money used for various expenses in running the school,” he said.

Dr. Attakora noted that most of the students who owe the school over GHC500,000 have spent their fees on sports betting, booking of hotels with their girlfriends and investing in various businesses.

“None of the first years currently owe fees. But those in levels 200, 300 and most especially 400 are the ones owing. Some of them have spent the money their parents gave them to pay their fees. Most of them used it for sports betting while others used it other irresponsible lifestyles. The information I have is that some of them went to sleep with their girlfriends in hotels. Others have also invested their fees in various businesses,” Dr Ofori Attakora said during an interview on Kessben Radio.

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