Xandy Karmel reveals removing her ‘dross’ on Live Tv was planned with Kofi Adoma

At the start of the year, self acclaimed celebrity Xandy Karmel, removed her pant on live TV just to prove that most s*x scenes in movies are not real but just an act.

On Delay’s Show Dey to be shown this weekend, the host Deloris Frimpong asked her in a tricky way that what happened was planned. It seems Delay wants to prove a point that Xandy is a type willing to do anything for fame.

Xandy also admitted that she planned with the show host Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Kofi TV for the act. To plan a thing like this just for fame but still not all that famous, we can’t imagine her next move which will get her all the fame she wants.

Check video below.


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