Women Cannot Be Equal To Men – Gospel Musician, Piesie Esther

Ghanaian gpospel singer, Piesie Esther has joined the debate on whether, women are as equal as men, says she does not think women are equal to men.

According to Piesie Esther, it is not right to say women and men are equal.

“A woman cannot be equal to a man, there is a reason we were born women and even the Bible says a woman should be humble in the home and the man should love her so where from all this equality?

“For me, the man is the head of the house and should be given that respect. There may be things or chores that both partners would want to share which is not bad after all, it is even nice to see a husband give a helping hand to his wife but it should not be a matter of dictatorship,” she told Showbiz.

She added, “The Bible that I read and follow does not tell me that I should rub shoulders with my husband so I will not follow any equality trend. I will not do anything that the Bible has not spoken of.”

Piesie Esther has been married for almost a decade and she attributes her successful marriage to God’s grace and humility.

“It’s the grace of God that has brought us this far. This is not to say that we do not have our issues, we do, we are human and definitely have flaws but we have a way we go about it.

“Again, God is the centre of everything we do and I will say, he has been faithful to us.”

Describing her husband, Enoch Asiedu, Piesie Esther said, “my husband is great, he’s a good communicator and knows how to deal with conflict really well.

“When it comes to my music career, he is very instrumental, he supports me 100 percent. He has interest in anything I do so far my music is concerned and I want to use this chance to thank him and ask that God bless him and order his steps.”


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