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Women Beg Ghanaian Comedian To Sign His Autograph On Their Boobs (video)

Renowned Ghanaian-American actor and comedian, Jafari Ferguson known as, Michael Blackson has been sighted signing his autograph on women’s b00bs.

Michael Blackson recently performed at a show of his. At the end of his performance, Michael who was having a good time with is audience did the unthinkable.

From a video sighted by, two women asked him to give them an autograph. However, these ladies wanted him to sign on their chests – breasts.

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Women Beg Ghanaian Comedian
Women Beg Ghanaian Comedian

The comedian agreed to this and went on to sign his autograph on the women’s chests.

He shared a video of himself writing with an actual pen on their private areas, which he enjoyed doing so.



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