Woman Who Washes For Ashawos Left In Awe After Losing Job To Fire Outbreak (Video)

Those who loiter around Madina may know the popular ashawo joint at Madina Redco. However, there was a fire outbreak at that place on Sunday, June 4th making an old woman who washes for these run girls lose her job authomatically.

According to the woman who was interviewed by Pulse Ghana, for some time now, she washes for over twenty night workers and they either pay her in full right after washing or pay half so that she can come back for the rest the following day.

However, on Saturday, according to the woman, she went and washed for these run girls and they paid half and promised her to come for the rest later, but she came around just to find out that their structures had been eaten up by fire.

Watch the video below:

Source: Gossips24.com

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