Will Adwoa Yeboah Agyei Leave Despite Group? – SEE HER ANSWER

Staying with one media house a long time is something that will be very difficult for many presenters especially when they receive juicy offers from other outfits but for the Despite Media Group’s Adwoa Yeboah Agyei, it is easy because her loyalty to her employers is strong.

According to Adwoa Yeboah Agyei, who has been with the Despite Group for 20 years, moving from one media house to the other has never been her thing.

“I have been approached by so many radio and TV stations who want to poach me but I turned down those offers because I am very comfortable where I am,” s

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei said she is aware the juicy contracts she receives on a regular basis is likely to influence other presenters but not her.

“I personally like my CEO, Osei Kwame Despite because he is a kind man and I get anything I want from him so why the rush to move elsewhere when I don’t know what the future holds for me on the other side.”

“I know of some colleagues who were poached and they are regretting big time for their actions. So far as no one is putting pressure on me to do what I don’t want here, I think I will be here forever,” she said.

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei, who is the host of Heritage Ghana on UTV and a newscaster on Okay FM and Peace FM, also asked Ghanaians not to blame newscasters for the way they sensationalise the news.

“Our checks show that majority of our listeners enjoy how the news is read even though I don’t personally like it. I go straight to the point when I am reading the news but others also like how my colleagues joke with the news,” she said.

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