Who Are the Wildcards in BBN 2021 And What is The Meaning of BBNaija Wildcards?

Big Brother Naija 2021 came with a lot of interesting twists and one of the many is the introduction of Wildcards in the house. Biggie announced that there are two wildcards in the house and the other 20 housemates are supposed to figure the two out for eviction today.

What is The Meaning of BBNaija Wildcards?

BBN Wildcards are fake housemates of the show whose only purpose is to provide entertainment and serve as pawns of Big Brother in the House. Big Brother planted two people among the 22 housemates in the BBN house and they are supposed to identify the fake housemates for eviction.

What happens if the Wildcards are not identified?

If housemates are able to correctly identify the Wildcards among them, the fake housemates will be evicted. However, if the housemates do not correctly identify the Wildcards, the fake contestants will have to remain in the show and compete for the grand prize worth N90 million.

Will the Housemates Be Able to Identify the Wildcards?

A lot of you may be wondering if the housemates will be able to identify the wildcards but the answer is a big NO.

No, they will not be able to identify the housemates. From all indications, the Housemates won’t be able to identify the Wildcards so they will keep staying in the house to compete for the grand prize.

This is because Maria confused all the housemates after their first diary session. They were all looking in Beatrice’s direction thinking she’s the wildcard. It’s only Maria and Pere that know they are wildcards.

Pere mentioned Maria’s name in the diary room, but Maria couldn’t guess right, however, they know they are the ones the whole house is looking for.

But the others were not able to mention either Pere or Maria’s name when they were asked who they think is the wildcard in the house.

Who Are the BBN Wildcards?

The BBNaija Wildcards are Maria and Pere. Biggie mentioned the two housemates as the wildcards in the house. But the interesting twist is that the housemates are not aware Maria and Pere are the Wildcards.

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