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“What Is It About The Poor That We Don’t Like?”, Majid Michel quizzes

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, who is now known to be an evangelist has taken time to address some societal issues on social media.

Majid Michel
Majid Michel

According to the actor, everyone wants to get rich with the main motive of being better but indirectly neglect the poor as they do so.

Majid Michel took to his Instagram page to quiz what the rich don’t like about the poor, he wrote;

What is it about the poor we don’t like? Well… one is… i have spent all of my life trying not to be poor. i don’t want to be Reminded of what i don’t want to be like. in fact the whole reason that i went to school to get an education was that they told me that a better education will get me a better job and a better job will make me more money and more money will buy me the comforts of life and allow me to live in a neighborhood as far away from the poor as possible. And isn’t it very interesting that as you and i move up the scale and as our income increases and the more successful we are materially the further away we want to be from the poor as possible. i don’t know anyone who increases their income and says i want to move closer to the poor or i want to live amongst poor people. So if i’m majoring in education and i plan to teach in the education system i want to teach in a good education system. And what is the definition of a good education system? its a system as far away from the poor as possible. And if i’m going into the ministry i want to pastor a good church. And what is a good church? it’s a church that offers me all the amenities that’s as far away from the poor as possible. And i want a good job. And what is a good job? A job that pays me as much money as possible and requires the least amount of work. if i don’t like the poor then i must justify my decision. So i make excuses about the poor and say they are poor because it’s their fault. So i say the poor are poor because they are lazy. And if i can blame the poor for being poor then i have no responsibility to them. Cos it’s their fault. But How do you respond to the scripture that says God will judge nations by how they treat the poor? That God will judge you by how you respond to the needs of the poor. Now the word of God says if your enemy hungers feed him. if your enemy knocks at your door and asks for bread, the word of God says no lectures, no dialogue about ideology, no attempt to convert the person to your point of view iF YOUR ENEMY HUNGERS FEED HiM!!! Now if you are supposed to do that with your enemy, what are you supposed to do with everybody else who hungers? #LEADERSHiP

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